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Freediving Courses & Training at Kona Freedivers

Have you been wanting to improve your bottom time or go deeper for longer? Our goal is to provide you with the freediving training, knowledge, and skills necessary to enjoy the underwater world safely and comfortably as a well-adapted, certified freediver. Join us in the classroom to learn the concepts, then apply them in the pool, while finally taking what you've learned to the ocean where the theory becomes practice. Kona Freedivers specializes in the highest level of freediving instruction available in Kailua-Kona, HI. Our expert instructors love teaching and aim to ensure your freediving course will be unforgettable and fun.  For an underwater experience that will last a life time, call Kona Freedivers today. Our friendly, knowledgeable crew of professional instructors can teach you how to breath at a time!


Intro to Freediving

Learn how to improve your advanced snorkeling skills using these proven freediving techniques in this 1 day course. Includes a manual, classroom, and confined water session.




Level 1 Freediver

Whether a complete beginner or an informally trained freediver or spearfisherman with years of experience, this freediving course will set you on the right path to the most efficient and safe freediving techniques





Learn about ethics, gear, safety, and hunting techniques for spearfishing. Day 1 will be classroom and pool. Day 2 will be open water and targeting local favorites. Only 4 spots available. Taught by local spearfishing expert Chris Funada.




Freedive Safe

Safety courses for the Big Island diving community. Designed to teach safety to divers of all levels and ages. Founded with safety education in mind. This quick 1/2 day course teaches only the essentials to become a safer diver.



You've completed your freediving certification course and are wanting to further perfect your skills. Work on a number of skills with your personal instructor guiding you along.


Junior Freediver

Freediving education for ages 12-15. This is the level 1 course with a focus on youth. Join your kids on this 2 day freediving course


Are you interested in learning to freedive in Hawaii? See why other divers chose Kona Freedivers for their freediving course.


Learning to Freedive can be a challenge. From equalization to kicking to having a competent safety there's a lot to learn. Kona Freedivers makes it simple and fun by offering a straightforward program that packs an immense amount of value into a compact format.


Beginners who want to learn more but don't feel confident to take a full freediving course can join an intro to freediving class. They will learn all of the classroom and safety techniques taught to level 1 students. If they find they are enjoying the course they can choose to continue with the full freediving certification.

Intermediate divers or extreme snorkelers can take away a lot of things from the level 1 course. Freediving training is not all created equal. Kona Freedivers instructors are trained to the highest standards by Fii (Freediving Instructors International). This means the freediving training you receive will be at a level that is not available with most training agencies. While there are many good freedivers that also teach, there are few who can meet the rigorous standards necessary to teach FII courses. When we dive on our own we tend to develop a way of doing things. These habits form over time and are reinforced with each successive dive. Some habits are helpful to achieving a desired depth and some can be detrimental. Our instructors are trained to recognize those aspects of your diving that are holding you back from achieving your full potential. With our unbiased trained eye we will coach you step by step towards reaching your freediving goals.

More advanced divers will find value in our freediving trips, charters, and coaching where we utilize the skills you have developed and turn them into results that lead to a higher level experience. Imagine swimming with whales or reaching the bottom . . . 

We have helped many divers get over their difficulties equalizing, kicking, developing their breath hold and anxiety issues. These mini roadblocks are all normal to the progression of a freediving journey. By taking a course you can save a lot of anguish and time learn to freedive. A course is the best and most efficient use of your time if you truly wish to progress in your abilities.  Often divers will continue to dive time after time without any improvement. It can be frustrating and demotivating. We are here to help. There is often a way to improve that is not immediately obvious until a trained freediving professional has an opportunity to watch from the outside. Once we target those aspects of your diving that are holding you back we focus in on them and work towards developing new and better habits.

Freediving is a team sport. All divers require a trained safety to monitor their well-being. Divers need coaches or buddies to observe them. Other divers can be a source of knowledge in helping to learn new tools and techniques to get more out of their diving.

As a fully trained and certified Freediver with the knowledge and experience gained from your freediving class you will be instantly more popular as a buddy for other divers. Your training means you are now able to safety your dive buddies. With a certification card you will be able to join us on our dive charters and trips.

We have trained divers of all kinds. While water comfort can make a big difference in your performance, many divers have come back after having difficulty and were able to complete the course using our free return guaranty. 

As an FII trained and certified Freediver you can be proud that while your certification may not have been easy you truly earned it. Fii's system of education produces the highest quality results. This ensures your diving will meet or exceed the expectations of all other training agencies. Fii divers are a cut above. Do you strive to stay down longer or just enjoy the moment a bit more? Learn to freedive with us!

Join us today for an experience you won't forget. We love to teaching freediving. It's our passion. We take great joy in seeing a student learn to freedive and achieve what they had previously though impossible. Having fun is part of the process and we love the process of teaching and bringing as much value to our students as we are able.

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