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Junior Freediving Course

Beginner Freediving Course

Hawaii is a great place for raising your children. Oftentimes kids will grow up with excellent swimming abilities and a love for the ocean. This means they are comfortable and at ease with snorkeling and may be eager to push themselves. The junior freediving course is designed to harness their desire to dive deeper and turn your child into a safe and efficient Freediver.



During this course your child will learn to master the fundamentals of the FII education system. There is a high emphasis on safety and comfort, students master the proper skills to effectively freedive up to depths of  15 meters (50 ft).


Kona Freedivers is Hawaii's official Fii facility. Sign up today and you will see why we are pleased to offer the highest level of freediving training avalable in Hawaii.

Book Your Junior Freediving Course with Hawaii's Top Rated Freediving Center

Freediving Course Schedule

Upcoming Junior Freediver Courses

March 17-18th

Course Curriculum

  • Safety & Problem Management

  • Freediving Equipment

  • Physics and Physiology

  • Freediving Technique Development

  • Correct Breathing for Freediving

  • Breathing and Breath-Hold Technique Development


Course Details

During this course you and your child will use the following equipment:

  • Wetsuit

  • Fins

  • Weight Belt

  • Weights

  • Mask & Snorkel*

*All equipment is available for rent except mask and snorkel

Student learning materials:

FII Level 1 Freediver manual and workbook. All course materials are provided by the instructor at the beginning of each course

Minimum age requirement:
Junior Participants must be 12 - 15
 years or older.

Course duration:
2-day program. Minimum 4 hours of academic classroom work, 3 hours of confined water training, and 2 hours of open water depth training (varies per class).

Students must complete the on-line medical waiver at least 72 hours prior to taking the course. To see a copy click here

Don't see a freediving class date that works for you? Ask us about private course options. Private courses can be arranged almost any time pending instructor availability.


$499 per diver (not including taxes and fees)

Private course - Call for pricing

Free Return Guarantee: 

If you went through the course but unable to complete it. Join in again for free! (on a standby basis within one year of participating in original course).


If you have taken an equivalent course from another agency we offer a crossover rate recognizing that you have gone through much of the training in your  previous course.

Qualifying courses include:

AIDA - 1 Star or 2 Star and up
Apnea Academy - First Level & up

CMAS - 1 Star & 2 Star
NAUI - Freediver is equivalent to FII level 1. Can take level 2
PADI - Basic Freediver & Freediver
PFI - Freediver is equivalent to FII level 1. Can take level 2
SSI - Basic Freediving/Level 1


Cancellation Policy: Make changes or cancellations up to 72 hours prior to the freediving class. Within 72 hours prior to the freediving course there is a 50% refund

Freediving Course Requirements

  • Junior diver must be comfortable swimming in the ocean

  • Junior diver must be comfortable using a mask and snorkel

  • Experience equalizing while snorkeling a plus

Course Details

The Junior Freediving Course schedule:


Day 1

4 Hours  of Classroom - You and your child will learn about the history, safety, physics, physiology, breath practice, and freediving gear required to become a successful Freediver. It's important to pay attention because there will be a test!

1 Hour Lunch Break - Time to refuel!

3 Hours of Confined Water - Take the knowledge and skills descussed in the classroom and take action. You might be surprised at just how well your body performs in the real world using the freediving techniques from the classroom.


Day 2

2 Hours of Ocean Training - Time to apply all that you and your junior diver has learned in the culmination of classroom and confined water practice. Those skills and freediving techniques are brought together to produce a safer and more efficient diving experience that will benefit you and your junior Freediver every time you get in the water. If you were able to properly demonstrate the teqhniques and skills tought during the freediving class you may get a freediving certification!


Post course

After taking the freediving class we highly recommend you and your junior diver take the skills and information learned during the Junior freediving course and apply it. This is where the skills and freediving techniques you and your child learned are reinforced and cemented in place as good habits. As your child develops they will naturally follow these good practices to be a safer and more comfortable diver or Spearfisherman.

Why enroll you and your kin in a Junior Freediver Course?

Evey year kids have diving and spearfishing accidents with half of the ocean related deaths coming from freediving accidents. The level 1 free dive certification teaches your child the good habits of safety from the start. This will ensure a safer day out in the water.

As kids progress and develop their underwater abilities may grow. This enables them to achieve greater depths and longer bottom times. With this increased skill comes increased risk. Children are still developing their abilities to reason and make rash decisions. They are also unaware of the potential dangers of freediving without a trained buddy. When freediving with a trained and certified buddy freediving is a very safe activity. It's Iportant to understand and adhere to the rules agreed upon by the freediving community. Freediving Hawaii is a team sport. We teach father and son, mother and daughter how to be safer, more efficient, and more effective freedivers. This way the entire family can enjoy freediving together as a healthy activity. If you live in Hawaii or travel to locales with an abundance of welcoming aquatic environments freediving is one of the easiest and most natural ways to enjoy the outdoors with the family. Once your son or daughter becomes adept at diving a natural extension can be the addition of spearfishing together. This gives the family a purpose and a reason to get in the water together with the pride of enjoying your hard won efforts together at the dinner table. There will always be stories about the one that got away to share and the experiences and memories you create mean your children will live long, prosperous and happy aquatic lives. Join a Junior Freediving course with Kona Freedivers so you can see why thousands of divers each year choose to enroll in a freediving course one of the fastest growing sports.

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