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Freediving Training in Kona Hawaii

Practice and improve your freediving techniques in Kona's calm, clear, and deep waters with our expert freediving instructors. Kona is the best freediving training spot in the United States and perhaps the World! Our excellent instructors will help you achieve your personal goals.

Coaching sessions are for individuals who have already taken a freediving certification course. With the foundation from your previous course, you can further improve with your bottom time, technique, depth, learn how to freedive without fins, dolphin kick, you choose the focus! Our instructors will get you where you want to be!

*Freedivers must dive within their certification. Coaching sessions cannot be used to surpass certification depth limits or upgrade certification levels

One Breath at a time


Working with you

The best performers all have coaches

Real people. Real results. Are you looking to improve some aspect of your freediving? Our expert trainers love to work with divers to achieve their goals and surpass their barriers.We've been there and we'd love to help you get to where you want to be.


$125 Depth Session

$225 Private Depth Session

$95 Dynamic Pool Session (30min dry, 1hr in pool)

$75 Static Apnea Session (20min dry, 40min in pool)

Prices are per diver. An individual will be required to hire a private instructor - $100

48 hours Prior to training cancellations cannot be made


- 2 hours in the water with a Professional Instructor/Coach
- Float and line setup
- Lanyard


You and your instructor decide what you'd like to improve on or learn

  •  Improve your Depth

  • Get freediving tips from an expert

  • Fine tune your freediving technique

  • Develop a workout to improve CO2 tolerance

  • Improve your Bottom Time

  • Learn to gauge depth

  • Work on equalization

  • Establish a warm up routine

  • Get more comfortable

  • Practice using a Noseclip

  • Learn No Fins

  • Learn Monofin

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