Hawaii Freediving Excursions

Join professional Hawaii freediving instructors for a fun day exploring the underwater world in Kona. Whether you've just learned how to freedive or you've been freediving for a long time we are exited to introduce you to some of the best freediving Hawaii has to offer. Are you gearing up for the next freediving competition? Check out our line freediving training. Just want to enjoy some peaceful silence with reef critters and swim throughs? Join us on our comfortable boat. Looking for some excitement with exotic ocean behemoths? Join our freediving with large animals charter. Just looking to explore the reefs? Stop by the shop for recommendations and rent some freediving gear or to chat about freediving techniques.  Book your freediving excursion today!

Reef Freediving by Boat

As a Kona Freediver you can board our custom dive platform the Honu One for a day of epic freediving. Our Professional Freediving Instructors and Coaches will guide you over reefs, safety your dives, give you technique tips and reminders, and point out some of Kona's unique wildlife

Line Dive Training

Practice and improve your freediving techniques in Kona's calm, clear, and deep waters with our expert freediving instructors. Kona is the best freediving training spot in the United States and perhaps the World! Our excellent instructors will help you achieve your personal goals in our warm clear calm waters

Large Animal Encounters

Join an epic expedition in search of Hawaii's biggest and best marine life.  The open ocean safari delivers opportunities to see whales, dolphins, whale sharks, big pelagic fish, sharks, mantas, and more. With an ability to travel 50mph+ over the water, finding and swimming alongside large marine life is only a matter of time.  Join our partner company for the thrill of a lifetime

Freediving Gear Rental

We rent full sets of freediving equipment. Perfect for the new diver taking a course or vacationing diver who doesn't want the hassle of bringing their own gear. We also have equipment available by the piece. Floats with line allow the deep diver to train safely along a line marked with depth increments

Private Freediving Charter

Take exclusive command of our 33 foot express boat. Explore Kona's Reefs. Go line diving offshore, or search for large animals. The choice is yours!

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