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Freediving Hawaii

Kona Freediver - dive kona reef and line diving

Join professional Hawaii freediving instructors for a fun day exploring the underwater world in Kona. Whether you've just learned how to freedive or you've been freediving for a long time we are exited to introduce you to some of the best freediving Hawaii has to offer. Are you gearing up for the next freediving competition? Check out our line freediving training. Just want to enjoy some peaceful silence with reef critters and swim throughs? Join us on our comfortable boat. Looking for some excitement with exotic ocean behemoths? Join our freediving with large animals charter. Just looking to explore the reefs? Stop by the shop for recommendations and rent some freediving gear or to chat about freediving techniques.  Book your freediving excursion today!

Freediving Excursion Options


Learn how to freedive for dinner in this comprehensive guided spearfishing excursion.


Hop on a Freedivers' wet dream boat ride. Zip along the ocean's surface. Dive with some of Kona's largest animal life up close and personal.

Freediving Rental  Gear Web Size 2.jpg

Rent a full set of freediving gear for the day or the week. Perfect for students or divers who don't want to bring it all along.

Hawaii Freediving Tours

Freediving in Hawaii can be amazing. There are many islands to choose from. There are shallow sandy islands and deep coral reef fringed islands. There's warm clear water, and cooler, murkier waters. There's calm water, and rougher wind choppy water. The places you choose to dive can significantly impact your experience when freediving Hawaii.

The Big Island of Hawaii is one of the best places to freedive in Hawaii. It's also one of the best places to freedive in the world. Calm, warm, clear water makes Kona a freediver's paradise. The underwater lava formations make for a jungle gym of sorts where swimming through lava arches and into laval caverns can be a full-time occupation!

The steep sides of our island makes for clearer water than you will see on the other Hawaiian islands. It also means there is plenty of coral and fish to see near shore. While the best marine life is often in the shallow depth of 10 - 40 feet it's easy to achieve greater depths by swimming not far from shore. Swim out a few hundred feet and you can get nearly unlimited depth!

Not only are the lava formations and coral reef marine life a big draw but we also have some of the best large animal encounters available in the world. With 13 different marine mammals and many kinds of sharks, and pelagic fish, we have so much to see off-shore.

As a certified and proficient freediver you can take advantage of the amazing experiences freediving Hawaii offers.

If you have not yet achieved your freediving certification we recommend taking a Level 1 freediving course. You will become a more competent, safer, and aware underwater creature.

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