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Freediving Testimonials

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Learn to Freedive Hawaii with us!

Check out these Kona Freedivers reviews from real people. These people took courses or went freediving with us. We offer so many opportunities to take your freediving to the next level. Join us for a freediving class or on one of our many freediving excursions. You're going to love freediving Hawaii with us.


Kona freedivers offers the highest quality of freediving education available in Hawaii. Learn to freedive Hawaii with us! We take pride in delivering a quality learning experience for our students. We offer the best equipment and facilities for your comfort and convenience. Our freediving courses are capped at a maximum number of students per instructor to provide you with the attention you need to maximize your time with us. Our courses are best for novice snorkelers, casual freedivers, soon to be serious competetive freedivers and spearfishermen. We place an emphasis on safety and freediving techniques. We teach Fii (Freediving Instructors International) curriculum designed by 13x world record holder Martin Stepanek. Our courses include intro to freediving, level 1 freediver, level 2 freediver, level 3 freediver, spearfishing, and basic safety courses. Learn to freedive Hawaii with Hawaii's top rated and most reviewed freediving center. Kona Freedivers is an Fii freediving center based in Kona, Hawaii where some of the best freediving in the world exists.

Aside from our courses we also offer freediving training that can be tailored to your specific requirements. We can offer static, dynamic, or depth training depending on your interests. Sometimes freediving techniques can take some time to perfect. We would love to help you get the most from your diving. Whatever barrier you may have we are happy to work with you to remove it. Advancing your freediving skills can take time. There is nothing more frustrating than continually running into the same barrier over and over. We are here to help with your pain points. Sometimes it can be a matter of training smarter not harder. Using the proven Fii training system we can work through the problems that are holding you back so you can reach new limits. We can work on static, dynamic, or depth training. With our experienced eyes we can guide you on the correct path towards improvement. Learn to freedive Hawaii with our experienced instructors by your side.

In addition to freediving courses and training we also offer freediving trips on our boats. These trips can vary but often include reef freediving or pelagic freediving with big animals. This is only available to certified freedivers who have learned proper safety training. We depart from Honokohau Marina and head to one of the many sites available up and down Kona's beautiful coast. We provide you with a freediving instructor who will act as your guide and show you some of the critters, swim-throughs, and unique characteristics of the Kona coast. You may even see some large animals like monk seals, manta rays, hammerhead sharks, or humpback whales! Kona is filled with interesting nooks and crannies to explore. You never know what you might run into.


Hawaii has many freediving opportunities. There are shipwrecks, large animals out in the open ocean, and many swim through's and beautiful reefs. This means if you learn to freedive Hawaii is probably one of the best places to take your skills to the next level. Kona Freedivers specializes in Hawaii freediving classes. Our freediving training is top notch and we provide you with the most experienced and skilled instructors available in Hawaii. This means that you are sure to get a instructor who loves what they do. We specialize in high quality education that begins with building the basics of your freediving foundation. In the level one freediving course we teach you how to effectively dive to 20 m. In the level II freediving class we teach you to build on the basics and the level one freediving course diving to 40 m. In the level III freediving course we teach you how to operate at depths beyond 40 meters.


If you come to Hawaii to freedive, you've come to the right place! Hawaii has some of the best freediving in the world. It is by far the best place for freediving in the United States and Kona has the best freediving in the state of Hawaii. There's easy access to depth and beautiful reefs filled with an abundance of fish. Many of the top freedivers in the world live in Kona. If you like to learn to freedive Hawaii, you come to the right place!


Freediving is a great tool to have in your underwater toolkit. It allows you to do things and have experiences that scuba diving cannot. Having the freedom of movement allows you to get to places and move quickly through the water. This increased mobility means that you can stay with the larger critters longer. Kona has an abundance of large marine animals. Join us on one of our charters and will take you to see them!


Kona Freedivers has been teaching freediving classes since 2016 and was founded by owner Byron Kay. Byron learned to freedive in Kona from his wife Jessica Wilson. Jessica and her mother Annabel Edwards are world champion competetive freedivers. We are Hawaii's largest freediving center. We have a great selection of freediving gear and freediving rentals. We have a try before you buy program where you can rent a wetsuit or freediving fins and if you like them you apply the cost of the rental towards the purchase of your equipment. We have some of the best freediving equipment in the world. Kona Freedivers is highly selective of the kinds of gear that we carry. We are sure to have quality gear and a rental equipment so you will get the most out of your freediving course. Learn to freedive with us and not only will you be a great freediver you look good too!


We look forward to freediving with you soon. Give us a call at (808)464-6584 and we can talk about your next freediving adventure.

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