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Freediving Equipment

Rent a full set of freediving gear or piece by piece. Rental pricing is for a 24 hour period from time of rental.

For new gear visit our

Freediving Gear Rentals

Freediving rental gear is available by the individual piece or the set. Rent some fins for a freediving course or just for fun. Taking an advanced course? Rent a computer to try before you buy. If you like what you tried everything is available for purchase here in the shop. Rentals are for 24hr periods.


Full Set

Includes: Mask, Snorkel, Wetsuit, Weight Belt, Weights, Fins

*Try before you buy mask does not apply when renting a package




Try before you buy or just rent a mask for a day. If you like the mask apply the cost towards the purchase of a new mask.




2 Piece freediving wetsuits for maximum warmth and comfort. 3mm double lined.




A wide range of plastic freediving fins. 



Weight Belt

Rubber freediving weight belt (includes weights)


FII Float Surface.jpg


Freediving training line. Comes with float, 20 meter, 40 meter, 80 meter line and bottom weight.


Kona Freedivers is Kona's go to center for all things freediving and spearfishing. Whether it's fun diving, competition diving, or spear fishing Kona Freedivers has it! You need specific freediving gear for specific reasons. That's why we carry the best brands at internet prices right here in Kona! If you find a better price online show us and we'll match it!

Spear fishing Kona is on of the most rewarding ways to put your freediving skills to use. Kona has some of the best spearfishing Hawaii has. Our coastline is massive with lots of opportunities to dive. Combined with great weather and near year-around great conditions it only makes sense to have a reliable set up of spearfishing equipment that can be ready at a moments notice when you decide to get back out there and dive.

We have a great selection of rubber and guns for spear fishing Kona. We have green, pink, blue and black colors with different thicknesses and inner diameters. We can make rubbers and rig your gun for you just the way you like it. We love talking spear fishing and if you want to discuss spear fishing kona with us we would love to help you with the best setup for you. We also offer internet price matching so there's no need to buy from online when you can get it right here in Kona for less!

Freediving gear can be pretty specific. We carry competitive freediving gear like carbon blades, nose-clips, and lanyards. We have all of the best freediving computers available from reputable brands like Suunto, Cressi, Oceanic, and Garmin. We also measure and sell custom wetsuits. That way you know your suit is going to fit you perfectly! You can choose the neoprene thickness and other features like zippers, pads, stitching color and more!

As for fins, we sell more freediving blades than anywhere else on the Big Island. This is because of our unique selection of freediving fins and how we fit and sell our fins. We make sure you're going to be happy with you fins because we know how important they are to you as a freediver. We have multiple brands of plastic, fiberglass, and carbon fiber fins. We also carry 9 different kinds of footpockets so you'll be sure to find a footpocket that fits your foot Cinderella. With our large selection of freediving fins you'll have more than enough options to choose from between colors, stiffness, and style. Having poorly fitting footpockets can turn a blissful diving experience into a painful one. You can loose a fin or get blisters. Nobody wants that. Come in and try from our large selection of freediving fins and pockets and we'll make sure to get you set up right the first time.

As for spearfishing we carry all of the accessories you might need for spear fishing Kona. Knives, flashers, Clips, line, reels, floats of all shapes and sizes and much much more! If you're considering changing your setup come by and we can talk story about your options. With the variety of spearfishing here in Kona it's definitely worth-while having more than one setup based on the different kinds of fishing you may do.

We are the evolve polespears dealer here on the Big Island. We carry all of the Evolve pole spears and accessories. All lengths and types are available here for sale. We also offer map pricing on the products so you'll be sure to get the best pricing available. Polespears are a great option for young divers or adults hunting in caves or in shallow reefs. They can be a challenge to hunt with in the deeper waters off Kona where the fish can tend to be pretty savvy. Evolve polespears are world-class. They are high-quality and available for great prices versus other brands you'll find they're one of the number one brands here in Hawaii.

What is your reason for freediving? We all have our favorite activity and as freedivers we can choose to just enjoy the reefs, dive for competition or spearfish. Here at Kona Freedivers we cater to all types of divers. Sometimes it can be a challenge to find the specialty gear necessary for your diving needs. We love coming up with unique solutions to your diving needs. Sometimes it's not a piece of gear that can solve your problem. We enjoy troubleshooting with you to make sure you are set up for success. Having the right gear makes a big difference in your experience and if you enjoy using your gear your going to enjoy your diving experience more. Having an improperly fitting piece of gear can ruin an otherwise perfect diving experience.

Spear fishing Kona is not always easy. We have the gear and knowledge necessary for your spearfishing journey. From beginner to advanced diver we carry the right stuff. Our quality freediving gear is going to last so you don't have to scrap that dive early. Nobody wants to end the dive session early!

For competitive freediving we have all of the gear necessary to successfully compete. From carbon fins to noseclips we know what you need to successfully train. We also offer freediving courses up to level 3 so you can learn the freediving techniques used by world champions to improve your dives. Competitive divers need good wetsuits. That's why we offer custom suits. Most serious freedivers own custom suits because they fit so well and perform well. A custom wetsuit is going to be more comfortable and warmer. This is because it will fit you perfectly. Water is what makes a diver cold and with a custom wetsuit that fits properly there's no where for the water to go!

Our shop was created by divers and spearos for divers so we know the gear you want for your activity of choice. With our internet prices, helpful staff and full-service center we'd be happy to help you get set up properly so you can get out and have some fun.


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