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Womens Freediving Wetsuits

Choose among our designs of women's freediving wetsuits. Then pick colors, thickness and materials for your perfect freediving suit.


Select Your Material


  • Flashy colors

  • More Supple and Stretchy

  • Tears Easily

  • 12 Color Options


  • Practical

  • Durable

  • 43 Color Options

Smoothskin Styles

Gradient Purple Red

Nylon Styles

Select Your Colors


Nylon Colors

Smoothskin Colors

Production Time

- 20 Days for a Stock Suit

- 30 Days for a custom tailored suit

Shipping Time

- 3-5 Days via FedEx

- 10-15 Days via Economy

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Womens Freediving Wetsuits

We carry an almost infinite range of womens freediving wetsuits. Kona Freedivers specializes in having the right freediving gear for all of your freediving needs. When it comes to womens freediving equipment the options are continuing to expand by the day. As the sport of freediving grows Kona Freediving is on the cutting edge of freediving gear for women. Bestdive wetsuits the best option for most women in search of a proper fitting, low-cost, and well-made freediving suit. Many womens freediving wetsuits are a stock cut. This means they only fit a limited range of body types. Most women do not fit a stock suit well and to top it off many manufacturers only offer 5 or 6 sizes. This means a very limited fit. With Bestdive wetsuits you can choose from among 24 stocks sizes. And to add to that we can fit you for a different sized top and bottom. Meaning the fit possibilities are immense! For example if we measure you and your top fits best in an XSTT top and your lower body is best suited to a M we can do that! This is unheard of in other womens freediving wetsuits.

One great thing about Bestdive wetsuits are the immense color and style possibilities. You can choose from among the many styles available (and ever expanding) and then pick among all of the color options. When you combine size, style, and color there's a nearly infinite combination of possibilities in your freediving suit. This means you will be the only one with that wetsuit around! In addition to style, color, and size you also have the ability to choose other options. These options include inside lining type, hood or no hood, thickness, zippers, padding, and logo color. You can also add a custom logo to the suit. Bestdive offers 24 stock sizes and you can mix and match the tops and bottoms for a large combination of sizing possibilities.

When selecting a suit it's important to have several things right. First you want to have a suit that fits. An ill-fitting suit will allow water to come in and will make you colder more easily. If it's too tight it will restrict your movement and can cause other respiratory system issues. Next it's important to have the right thickness of wetsuit. If it's too thin it won't keep you warm. If it's too thick you will be hot and it will be more difficult to move and put on. It's also important to have the right material. On the outside of the suit there are many color and 2 material options. Smoothskin will be easier to maneuver in while being less durable than nylon. Nylon has more color options and will not be as flexible as a smooth skin suit. Smoothskin is preferred for model photography and line freediving where the chances of coming into contact with the reef are minimal. Nylon is preferred by most divers because it is more economical. Whatever material you choose remember fit is king when it comes to womens freediving wetsuits.

Kona Freedivers carries the top brands in womens freediving wetsuits. We make sure to have a variety of options as well. If you're on a budget we have suits that are very inexpensive. We also carry some of the highest quality freediving suits in the industry. When it comes to spearfishing wetsuits and freediving wetsuits it's not only important to feel good but you should also look good.

Bestdive offers a best fit guarantee. This means that if you fit within the size range on the stock sizing chart they guarantee a good fit or they will adjust the suit to fit. If you order a custom suit Bestdive wetsuits has one the best custom suit deal around. The measurement process records 31 measurements of your body. A tailor turns these measurements into a template based on the suit style you have chosen. Once the template is made you can re-order the same style in any color or thickness for the price of a stock suit.

Many serious Freedivers only wear custom tailored suits. A custom suit will always fit you perfectly and the benefits are obvious once you put the suit on. The first benefit is the suit will be easier to put on because it won't be too small in any dimension. Secondly the suit will look better on your body as it will be just the right amount of snug all around. Thirdly the suit will keep you warmer. The correct fit means there will be little to no water against your skin. Water has a high heat capacity meaning it will suck all of the heat away from your body. If the suit is against your skin instead you will be much warmer with a nice thick layer of neoprene rubber filled with little air bubbles to insulate you from the elements. Lastly you will have a better range of motion. We measure dimensions like your arm length and shoulder width as well as accounting for how you wear your hair! This means you will always have the correct amount of material to allow you to move freely without serious restriction from the suit.


One of the greatest things about womens freediving wetsuits from Bestdives is not only will they fit you perfectly but once you get a custom tailored suit in any style, you can re-order that same style in any color without having to pay for custom tailoring. When we measure you for the suit we take 33 different dimensions. This means the suit will fit better than any glove.


No matter what kind of water activity you plan in your days ahead, Kona Freedivers can get you set up right so you look, feel, and perform at your best while enjoying your diving adventures. Give us a call to schedule a fitting or fill out the web form and we can guide you through the steps to ordering the perfect freediving suit for you.

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