Where do you begin when in search of the perfect freedive suits? Try to walk into your local shop and often-times the selection is underwhelming. Shopping online is also a challenge because you can't try the suit on virtually. This means having to return suit after suit that just doesn't fit quite right. The answer? BestDive freedive suits have more options than you could ever imagine. With reasonable pricing, tons of styles, and sizing that just fits. BestDive freedive suits will work for anyone. Check out easy to use guide and we'll find the perfect suit to fit you and your style.

How to Measure a Custom Freediving Suit | BestDive Wetsuits

What Kind of Suit for You?

Is this your first time choosing a freediving wetsuit? Start here. Consider your intended use. There are 3 primary common uses for a suit.

  • Reef Freediving

  • Spearfishing

  • Competitive/line Freediving

Why BestDive?

  • Widest Range of Stock Sizing Available in the world

  • Best Available Pricing

  • 55 Color Options

  • Yamamoto 39 high-quality Neoprene

  • Glued and Blind-Stitched Construction

  • Best Fit Guarantee*

If you fit a stock size suit and you're not happy with it BestDive will alter it for free*

Option 1 - Measure for a Stock Suit

Fill in the form and we can get back to you with the best fit and style option for you. Suits Take 20 Days to Produce.

Want a Custom Freedive suit? fill out the form with your custom measurements for a wetsuit that will fit you perfectly. Suits take 30 days to produce

Custom Tailoring is an additional $100

Option 2 - Custom Tailored Suit

Don't want to measure yourself? We can do it for an additional $25

BestDive Wetsuits

Freediving is a growing sport. The availability of gear is becoming more widespread by the day. Freediving wetsuits were once a small nice in the diving world. Today they are becoming more widely available. BestDive wetsuits are at the forefront of the wetsuit market. How do we know? Kona Freedivers has been selling custom freediving wetsuits since 2016. After having dealt with the major wetsuit brands for years we have finally found the world's premier wetsuit maker. BestDive is able to produce wetsuits quickly, at a reasonable price, with so many options that the suit can only fit you perfectly.

There are several reasons why you should order a BestDive suit versus any other freediving wetsuit. Primarily it is going to fit you better. Fit is important because it means it will be easier to put on and take off while still providing the warmth needed from a freediving wetsuit.

Secondly BestDive will make your wetsuit in a timely way. This means you will get it within a reasonable time. Many custom wetsuit makers will take 1-3 months to produce your suit.

The quality of construction of a Bestdive freedive wetsuit is yet another reason why they are best-in-class.

Lastly BestDive offers the widest possible selection of fit, styles, sizing, colors, thickness, and options available in the custom freediving wetsuit world.

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