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Kona Freedivers Training, Certification, Courses, Equipment, and Freediving Techniques

Kona freedivers seeks to be all things freediving. We recognize that there is a need for freediving shops in Kona years ago. There are many people that come to Kona specifically just to go freediving. Without the proper freediving shop they don't have access to the tools gear and knowledge necessary to improve their freediving. Kona freedivers seeks to offer all of the freediving equipment and services necessary to make more competent experienced, and prepared freedivers.


Kona freedivers provides freediving courses. We also provide freediving gear necessary for competitive freediving, spearfishing, and general reef freediving. We carry things like nose clips. We also carry spearfishing equipment. It's important for anyone practicing breath hold underwater to have proper freediving technique. Kona freedivers offers freediving courses that will teach you proper freediving technique as well as how to select the right freediving gear. Our freediving shop carries some of the best freediving masks, freediving fins, freediving wetsuits, freediving weight belts, and freediving computers in the United States.


There are many aspects to freediving that people have not considered. That includes when you get all of your freediving equipment, where you put it? It's important to have the right bag to store all of your freediving gear. Kona freedivers sells freediving bags in our shop. Often times people will come into her shop looking for a pair of freediving fins thinking this will make them a freediver. Often times it will make them feel like a freediver, but it will not improve their freediving. We always recommend to people learning to freediver to take a freediving course. In the course we talk about freediving fins and how to select them. Having the correct freediving technique will take any year that you have and enhance it many times. You will be able to use your freediving equipment much more effectively with proper technique.


Our freediving shop carries equipment that is specific to the sport of freediving. We have freediving weight belts that are designed just for freediving. We also have freediving snorkels that are designed just for freediving. We also have freediving masks that are designed just for freediving. We carry the most specialized freediving equipment of any shop in Hawaii.


Kona freedivers was founded on the idea that it is important to have a freediving shop available for people on the Big Island of Hawaii. This is because freediving is so spectacular here. This is the best place to freedive in the United States. In the best place in Hawaii to freedive.


Stop by the shop we love to talk about freediving Kona. There's so many places to go and see and do here in Kona. You can sure die very easily here in Kona. There are many great dive sites for freedivers. We can recommend you some sites to visit all you are here in Kona. We can also help you with any of your spearfishing needs while you were here in Kona. There are many great places to dive in Spearfish here in Kona. The Big Island of Hawaii offers the best spearfishing and freediving in Hawaii. 


There are so many great unexplored sites here along with Kona Coast that most people don't know about. Being longtime residents of Kona we know many of the nooks and crannies and details of the area. Come by the freediving shop and we can talk to you about all of these freediving sites. Join us on a freediving trip and we can take you to some of these really great sites. We also provide you with an instant buddy. You'll see animals like whales dolphins porpoises and all kinds of fish including eels puffer fish and other such marine life. There truly is so much to see in Kona it can take a lifetime to see most of the island. There's simply too much to see and do here. Reef freediving here in Kona can be pretty spectacular. Kona is also an amazing place for freediving training. People visit from around the world to train in Kona. We certainly have the best freediving training opportunity of any place in the United States.


Some people to visit our shop our day and snorkelers. This means that there are very good it's not clinging to benefit from freediving equipment. Simply buying a freediving snorkel or freediving mask can help. Long blade fins can also help. If you wanted to swim in the pelagic with large animals this is your chance. Kona freedivers offers open ocean Safari where you can swim with large animals such as pilot whales, dolphins, sperm whales, false killer whales, pygmy killer whales, milling head Wales, bottlenose dolphins, spinner dolphins, Blainesville’s beaked whales, Cuvier's beaked wheels, and much more!


Kona truly has some of the best freediving in the world! That is why so many freedivers travel from all around visit us. You're welcome to swing by the shop even if it's just to get information about freediving in Kona. We are happy to talk story with you. You are also welcome to give us a call at 808-464-6584. You can also email us at and we would be happy to provide you with more information. You can also fill out the contact us form on our website.

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