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Our BOAT is yours

Private Freediving Charter

Hawaii's waters are known for their variety of marine life and topography. Wouldn't it be nice to choose how you want to see them? Take command of how you'd like to spend your day aboard our private freediving charter boat. You choose the activity and make it happen. 

The Honu Lele - 6 Passengers

The Honu Lele is a 33ft World Cat fast 6-passenger vessel. She has plenty of shade, fresh water shower, and the ability to get you places quickly.  This is a perfect option for those that want a special excursion for their friends and family. Since you have chartered the boat you have a wide variety of options to choose from.  Call us to discuss ideas.

Year-Round Pricing
$1195 - 5hr charter
$1495 - 7hr Charter


Please note all private charters have a 7-day cancellation policy.

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