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Kona Ocean Camp Now Available! Learn to Freedive and Much More

Is it time for a vacation filled with ocean, sun, and lots of outdoor adventures? Kona Ocean Camp is designed for people who love the ocean and the outdoors who want to get away, learn to freedive and make the most of their vacation without all of the hassle.

5 Reasons why Kona Ocean Camp is Awesome: 1. Transportation is provided 2. Food is provided 3. Fun Activities are included 4. You get to camp on a gorgeous beach in Hawaii 5. You will learn to freedive Are you sitting at home with a lust for adventure but don't want to go through the painful process of booking flights, hotels, rental car, activites and then have to figure out food once you arrive? Check out Kona Ocean Camp where everything has been figured out for you. All you have to do is pack a bag with the essentials (flip flops, ukulele, swimsuit, mask & snorkel, sunglasses, reef-safe sunscreen, and aloha shirt) and you're off!

Kona Ocean Camp was designed around the idea that you're on vacation. It's supposed to be fun. We take all the stress out by providing you with all of the gear, food, transportation, and activities to make an amazing holiday trip. Swim with dolphins and manta rays, learn to freedive, explore the island, and make some memories! It's an action-packed adventure with friends you never knew you had!

Hawaii freediving camp | kona ocean camp

Kona Ocean Camp begins with setting up camp on a black sand beach. We'll erect tents and prepare a meal from fresh local ingredients. You can snorkel in the bay, and if you're lucky swim with a pod of playful dolphins 🐬. The first night will be your opportunity to get acquainted with your fellow Ocean Campers. Upon waking up in the morning you'll be greeted to a beautiful beach scene with optional yoga practice right there in the sand. After breakfast, head to our first adventure where we learn to freedive. We don't want to spoil it for you, so we'll just say it will be a busy day full of type 2 fun 😉 To view the full itinerary and sign up visit:

Kona Ocean Camp was founded in 2020 by Clare Maney. After years of pursuing her wanderlust around the remote islands of the Pacific Ocean, Clare 'settled down' in on the Big Island of Hawaii. She operates day tours and week-long camping tours with her 14 passenger van. Clare loves what she does but has been wanting to offer more to the ocean-oriented crowd. Kona Ocean Camp is a culmination of her love for the ocean, freediving, local produce, yoga, and conservation. Her tours distill this passion into a compact, action-packed package that is guaranteed to delight.

Kona is the ideal place to learn to freedive because of it's crystal clear, calm waters, and nearshore access to depth. Add in all of the amazing wildlife and you have a recipe for one of the best freediving hotspots on the planet. Kona's camping is also some of the best in the world. With easy access to facilities, the ability to camp on the beach, and the abundance of marine life near shore allow you to bask in the epicenter of ocean life. To learn more about what makes Kona so special as a freediving hotspot check out our blog on why the best freediving is in Hawaii.

Learning to freedive can be challenging, fun, and most of all rewarding. One of the downsides to taking a freediving course is the fact that once it's over, it's over. So we are now intruducing the opportunity to continue the adventure! Kona Ocean Camp envelopes you in a holistic ocean experience giving you so much more than a simple freediving class. Learning to freedive is only part of the experience. Once you complete your freediving course you will have the opportunity to use your newfound abilities on an ocean excursion further helping to cement your new freediving techniques.

Learn to Freedive Kona Freedivers

Aside from sleeping by the ocean, learning to freedive in the ocean, and daily swims you will also visit Kona's Natural Energy lab, which was designed around power produced by the ocean! You will spend a day on the beach taking care of the land or as we say in Hawaii malama ka aina. The Natural Energy Lab is home to over 40 ocean-related businesses. you will have the opportunity to learn about the amazing technology powering the lab and about how some of the businesses benefit from the deep seawater used in the process. There are so many different fascinating projects and businesses going on there isn't time to see them all!

Part of being a freediver includes eating a healthy diet. We will provide you with all of your daily meals including food fresh from local providers. Clare Maney is passionate about supporting the small local farms around Kona. She founded a website dedicated to helping local farmers get their products to the public. Part of the proceeds of the gift baskets go towards feeding the elderly in this difficult time.

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Fii Level 1 Freediving Course is 2 days of the 5 day camp

One of the greatest and most unexpected aspects of camping on the beach with a group of total strangers is the fact that after several days of adventures and experiences you'll find you now have a new group of travel friends. If you decided to stay a little while after the camp you now can choose to continue the adventure with your newfound group of freedving buddies. And as we teach in your freediving course you will definitely want to have a buddy. The time you spend focusing on eachother and on the experience will allow you to maximize your precious time. This means when you return home you will have nothing but stories, instagram worthy photos, and good memories of challenges and fun times.

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Learn to freedive with like minded individuals on a beautiful island in the middle of the pacific. Kona Ocean Camp takes care of all the details so you can focus on fun.


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