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Learn to Freedive Hawaii with Neal Tyagi

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Learn to freedive Hawaii with Neal Tyagi. Neal is an Fii (Freediving Instructors International) freediving instructor. Neal's passion for freediving brought him to the Big Island of Hawaii to teach freediving. His care for sharing the sport and dedication to living a freediving lifestyle show when you meet him. Neal's love for the outdoors and for survival have focused him on spearfishing. His love or freediving and hunting means Neal's love of spear fishing Kona runs deep.


I cannot stress enough how wonderful Neal our instructor was. His genuine demeanor and patience was so refreshing, as was his character. 
I also felt so safe even at obvious uncomfortable times, and am so delighted I picked you guys as my source, and he truly sealed the entire deal on every aspect regarding. 
Thank you SO very much!! You guys rock AND roll! 


— Tiffany O'Brien, Level 1 Freediver


Beautiful location, Neal is an awesome instructor. Everyone in the shop is super helpful. The level 1 course is a must if you are gonna free dive, spear fish etc...

— Rick Heart, Level 1 Freediver

About Neal

Neal Tyagi was born in Mexico. He grew up in Texas and was educated in the school of hard knocks. As a wilderness survival instructor Neal had a passion for teaching kids the skills necessary for sustaining life in the wilderness. Then Neal traveled to the Phillipines to take a freediving course. He was hooked. He soon became a freediving instructor and ran a freediving shop there. Neal wanted to take his passion back to the United States. Neal arrived in Hawaii in 2019 and began spearfishing regularly. Neal Tyagi has a real connection with the outdoors and loves the challenge and the satisfaction of catching his own food. He loves the sustainability and the self reliance aspects of spearfishing. Neal joined Kona Freedivers in 2021 and became a freediving instructor through Fii (Freediving Instructors International). He is currently teaching lots of level 1 freediving courses in the hopes of becoming level 2 and spearfishing instructor certified. You can learn to freedive Hawaii with Neal Tyagi by signing up for one of our level 1 freediving courses.

Neal currently works in Kona Freediver's shop selling freediving gear and spearfishing equipment. He also does guided freediving tours, and freediving training sessions. He trains regularly and enjoys freediving on the line to improve his depth and comfort. Are you looking for a new pair of freediving fins or the right freediving equipment? Neal is your man. He's able to service spearguns, build freediving fins, and rig lines. Need some pointers? Neal is happy to talk spear fishing Kona with you. He has a wealth of experience and knowledge about where to spearfish Big Island and how to best use your spearfishing gear. Our spearfishing shop Kona Freedivers is tailored to meet your every spearfishing need.


Neal is a certified wilderness training professional and Fii freediving instructor. He is certified in First Aid, CPR, and Oxygen administration. His training and skills mean he is capable of handling a number of challenging situations on land and at sea. Sign up to take a level 1 freediving course and learn to freedive Hawaii with Neal. Spots fill up fast so book now!

Neal also has a passion for body movement. He has studied capoeira and is currently learning the gymnastics rings. He loves studying the body and the active movements the body is capable of. Neal would be happy to talk about training for freediving and the necessary physiology and ways to train for the sport. If you're looking to learn to freedive Hawaii Neal Tyagi would love to show you how.

Hawaii is one of the top freediving destinations in the United States. Kona in particular has spawned a large number of competitive and world class spear fishermen and Freedivers. Neal decided to move here because of the easy access to depth and the calm clear waters available here which make for an ideal environment in learning and practicing freediving training. There are many freediving courses taught here. Kona Freedivers is Hawaii's highest rated and most reviewed freediving center in Hawaii. The Big Island of Hawaii has the best freediving in the state of Hawaii. There are many world champion Freedivers living and visiting Kona. If you'd like to apply your freediving training in a fun and diver friendly environment check out our freediving excursions. Once you become a fully certified freediver it's time to enjoy the fruits of your education. Kona has some of the best large animal encounters in the world. There are also a number of lava tubes that have created for some fun swim-throughs and caves. this means you can really push your skills to the next level in a challenging environment where the possibilities of exploring and reef freediving are nearly endless. Kona has access to depth close to shore. This means ocean freediving here in Hawaii is some of the best in the world.


There are a number of options for freediving courses in Hawaii. Kona Freedivers prides itself in having the highest trained and most experienced instructors. Like Neal, our instructors are proven in the Fii instructor training program. The ability to complete the instructor training with Freediving Instructors International means our instructors have completed a rigorous program that ensures a high quality instructor is produced every time. The curriculum and standards of Fii are one of the highest in the world. The level 1 freediver course is designed to build a strong foundation in your freediving knowledge. This foundation creates a base from which you can build your freediving skills. Becoming a safe and efficient freediver is Neal's main focus ensuring you will get the most out of your freediving class. To sign up check out our freediving classes page and get started with your freediving journey.


For Kona dive shops Kona Freedivers specializes in carrying the highest quality freediving and spearfishing gear. We always work hard to try to find the best freediving gear for the money and we'll always find the best piece of spearfishing gear for your spear fishing Kona needs. Neal loves talking story about the right gear for the task at hand. He can make recommendations of freediving fins and spearguns to suit your style of diving or hunting. If you want to learn to freedive Hawaii with Neal swing by the shop and he can get you signed up for your next freediving class.

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