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Learn to Freedive with Kona Freedivers

            Learn to Freedive with Kona Freedivers in beautiful Kona Hawaii. Kona Freedivers offers training and certification for Freediving courses. When you arrive in Kailua Kona don't expect much at the airport it's a slight upgrade from grass shacks. Kona town is just a few minutes away. We have many miles of beautiful coastline covered in lava rock. The big island is massive. There are many wonderful places to swim and dive along the coast to coast. But if you offer the best Freediving. Some of the best Freediving in Hawaii is on the Kona Coast.


When visiting Hawaii there are many things to do. Coffee tours, zip line, touring Mauna Kea, touring the volcano, visiting Hilo for a day,. There's even a chocolate farm and a vanilla farm. But no one can resist the temptation that the water and ocean brings. Kona has lots of activities. But many of them are ocean related. So me with manta rays, swimming with dolphins, visiting Captain Cook, searching the pelagic in search of large marine life just a few of the ocean activities here in Kona. To get the most out of the ocean, you could take a Freediving course. Learn to Freedive in the ocean opens up to you.


There are so many wonderful things to see in Kona's oceans. Some of the spinner dolphins can be a big highlight. Many people travel from Japan and other parts of the world just to swim with the dolphins here in Kona. Kona Freedivers often puts others often play by will no, steno two thirds, and spotted dolphin. There's so much to see here you could spend a lifetime and still not see it all. Just the other day we had killer whales cruising by. Occasionally we'll get a fin whale swimming by. Swimming the project with animals is one of the most amazing activities we have here in Kona. The Big Island is home to over 13 cetaceans and Wales. Swimming with pilot whale is one of the most amazing experiences available here on the Big Island. If you learn to freedi you will be able to get even closer to these animals than any one could imagine close encounter with these animals will will lead you put breathless literally.


There are also many activities to do along conus Coast. Because the big island is it giant mountain sticking out of the ocean the world's largest in fact. The coast drops off relatively quickly. Giving you great access to increasing deaths. This means that Freediving deep is very easy here on the Big Island. Freediving training is great here on the Big Island. It's one of the best places in the United States. You can hop in the water and one of them: as many costs bays beaches or coves and swim around and explore looking for lava tubes arches and caves. If you take a Freediving class you can learn to Freedive through these amazing features. Some lava tubes can be quite long requiring you to hold your breath for a long time. Kona Freedivers has some YouTube videos showing these dives. There are many great lava tubes located down south in the Red Hill area.


There also many calm tide pools and inlets along the Kona Coast. They can be could places to practice static threshold. When you learn to Freedive in your Freediving course, we will teach you how to perform static breath hold exercises. The island of Hawaii is a wonderful place to practice Freediving. The waters are clear and calm from many parts of the year. You won't need to bring or wear a thick wet seat here. Often time the water gets to very high temperatures up to 84 or 85°. That's 28°C. This means that you can practice Freediving with relative ease. In many places you can see the bottom when you begin your dive. You can also see your buddy when they're in the depths. This makes for some really wonderful Freediving in practice.


Learn to Freedive with Kona Freedivers and take your swimming abilities to the next level. We will show you how to quickly and efficiently use your body to get where you want to go and stay there. Once you inherit these skills we teach. The islands waters will open up to you. There's so many things to see and do on the Big Island of Hawaii. Experience seeing the magic of the ocean should be one of them. Kona Freedivers wants to make it easy for you to explore the Big Island's waters along the Kona Coast.


Kona Freedivers was founded with the idea that we want to make it easy for you to learn to freedive. This is because there are many people that have good swimming ability but they just don't have the skills and knowledge necessary to get to the deeper waters. Or they just don't have the comfort necessary to hold their breath long enough. Kona Freedivers teaches Freediving courses that will take you to the next level in your diving bringing you from an extreme snorkeler to a Freediver. This is achieved in our level I Freediving course. We take many people that used to be scuba divers, swimmers, extreme snorkelers, and turn them into full-fledged Freedivers. People taking our Freediving course will begin the course very hesitant about their abilities. We teach them to be confident in their abilities. Human body is amazing and we have the mammalian diving reflex. Mammalian diving reflex gives us the ability to hold our breath much longer than we anticipated. We just have to trust our bodies. And we must also learn to be able to do it safely. Say Freediving is very important to us at Kona Freedivers.


If you want to experience a big change in your life. Join Kona Freedivers for Freediving course. It will show you that your body is capable of more than you thought possible. And it will help you enjoy the amazing awesome ocean we have here in Hawaii. We hope to see you soon.

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