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Kaiolohīa Static Breath Hold Competition

Join your fellow freedivers for a day doing what you do best: holding your breath! A 1 day breath-hold competition in Kona, Hawaii. Participants will have one shot to perform their best breath-hold (Static Apnea) performance to win the glory! 

Event Info

Join Kona Freedivers for the 1st ever Kaiolohīa Static Apnea Competition! Athletes will compete in the discipline of Static Apnea (STA) in a one-day event held at a private pool in beautiful Kona, Hawaii. This event will test participant's maximum breath-hold capability. This AIDA sanctioned competition will run September 1st, 2018.

Friday August 31st: Participant Registration Deadline (Limit 20 competitors)

Meeting 5pm to Discuss Rules

Submit Performance by 7pm

Saturday September 1st:

7am-1pm Static Apnea Competition

5pm Award Ceremony @MyBar

Hold Your Breath For glory

Entry Fee



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