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Open Ocean Safari

Photo Credit: Alexey Molchanov

Freediving and Snorkeling Kona with Whales and Dolphins

Join our partners on an epic expedition in search of Hawaii's biggest and best marine life.  The open ocean safari delivers opportunities to see whales, dolphins, whale sharks, big pelagic fish, sharks, mantas, and more. The Ocean Warrior is Hawaii's fastest boat! Step onboard and you're able to cover miles of coastline, giving you the best chance for large animal encounters. The Big Island of Hawaii is home to 13 different species of whale and many can be seen year-round. With an ability to travel 50mph+ over the water, finding and swimming alongside large marine life is only a matter of time.  Join our partner company for the thrill of a lifetime.

"What an experience, we saw a pygmy sperm whale, humpback wale and we got to swim with a school of hammerhead sharks after an amazing snorkel adventure in some "hidden" lava tube caves at the far south of the island. The top speed of the boat means you can range further than many other trips and Darren is a very passionate and knowledgable safari guide."

Mathew Jenkinson - Visited January 2017


09:00 am to 1:00 pm
max 8 people


Snorkeling gear and flotation devices
Dry boxes for cameras and personal belongings
Shade Cover when stopped
Selection of cold beverages, snacks, and tropical fruit

Photo Credit: Alexey Molchanov


Reef Safe Sunscreen
Long sleeve shirt or rash guard
Swim suit
Mask and fins (if you don't they will be provided)

"Our trip was everything we had read and heard about and so much more. Brett the captain and Corey, his crew, were excellent as they found pods of Pilot Whales that we were able to snorkel with. There was also the opportunity to do likewise with sharks if we wanted! Watching a large pod of dolphins surfing in the wake of the boat was simply magical. Brett and Corey's descriptions of the marine life and the reasons for the whales and sharks being together were really informative and we thoroughly enjoyed the snorkelling opportunity in the bay where James Cook met his untimely end. While the sea life was wonderfull, the return trip when Brett put the boat through its paces at speed was simply exhilarating and something few outside the ranks of the Special Boat Squadron would have experienced. We would thoroughly recommend this experience to anyone looking for something special"

Ken B - Visited Oct 2017

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