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By Boat

Kona is the top freediving destination in the United States. You don't have to travel very far offshore to be in the deep clear blue waters where we test the limit of your depths.  Swim through archways, explore lava tubes, and be closer to wildlife than ever before.

As a certified Kona Freediver you can board our custom dive platform the Honu One for a day of epic freediving. Our Professional Freediving Instructors and Coaches will guide you over reefs, safety your dives, give you technique tips and reminders, and point out some of Kona's unique wildlife


$159-$179 5-hour morning trip

Full Set of Rental Equipment: $30


We Provide

Dive Requirements and Conditions

Each freediver must have a valid certification from an internationally recognized agency.

Diver will be permitted to dive within the limits of their certification.

Divers are required to observe the one diver down one diver up rule

The Freediving Experience

Kona's reefs offer a wide variety of freediving possibilities. On a typical day we will leave from Honokohau marina and travel to one of over 40 dive sites within minutes reach. On points like paradise pinnacle you will typically find more current and a large abundance of fish. At some of the deeper dropoffs we often encounter pelagic animals like tuna and baitfish with the occassional manta or othe large critter encounter. Freediving allows you to keep up with these amazing creatures as they cruise by. Due to Kona's steep dropoffs you need not venture far from the boat to get into deeper waters. 30m (100ft depths) are often just 100-200 meters (300-600m) from shore. Some sites are populated with arches or swimthoughs. While others have caves and caverns. There are limited sites with sandy bottoms. Kona is predominated by rocky reefs at most sites. This makes critter spotting fun as there are lots of animals to see while freediving the reef. Often our guides will spot octopus.

Our guides are experienced on the reefs here often spotting animals that seem almost invisible to most people. Our guides are experienced freediving instructors with a passion for developing confident and capable divers.  We will often have 1-1.5 hours of time at each site visiting 2 different sites on each charter (weather permitting).

Your guide will bring a float giving you a place to hang your camera. Our guides are experiencd at handling safety so you can dive with confidence knowing you're safe to dive.

Should you need any gear in addition to weights, Kona Freedivers offers a full range of freediving rental equipment.

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