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Freediving Course Pictures

Kona Freedivers has hosted many freediving classes over the years. This gallery highlights a few of the freediving courses we've held.

We love to teach freediving and it's part of the fun getting to know our students who come from all around the world.

Why You Should Learn to Freedive

If you're looking to learn to freedive, Kona Hawaii is one of the best places in the world to take a freediving course. Kona Freedivers offers regular freediving classes including the intro, junior, and level 1 freediver course from Fii (Freediving Instructors international). We also offer freediving training and coaching as well as spearfishing courses. Check out our Freediving Courses Page to see all of our course offerings.

Do you love to snorkel and dive underneath the surface but sometimes wich you could go deeper for longer while also doing it more safely? Many people will head to the nearest dive shop and buy a pair of long blade fins. This is like buying a sports car in hopes that it will make you more attractive. The best way to improve your freediving is to learn to freedive better. Freediving technique is more important than the gear you are using.

If you were taking a picture would you rather have an amazing subject and a crummy camera or a boring subject and a really nice camera? Buying gear in hopes that it will make you a better freediver is like buying an expensive camera in hopes that it will improve your photography. It won't!

A freediving instructor knows how to objectively review your diving and give you the feedback you need to improve your technique. Imagine learning martial arts on your own! Without the feedback from the instructor and sparring with others your body simply cannot know how to behave in a fight. This feedback during a freediving course is the best way to evolve your diving.

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