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Pictures of Freediving Courses Hawaii

Are you looking for a vacation that gets you away from the daily grind while also having a chance to come home having learned a new skill? You should check out freediving courses Hawaii has some of the best freediving classes available in the world! You can learn to freedive with some of the best divers in the world. Freediving classes in Hawaii are some of the best because we have some of the best ocean conditions for learning to freedive.


Kona is a town located on the western side of the Big Island of Hawaii. It's the largest island in the state of Hawaii's island chain. The island is essentially a massive volcano that pokes out in the middle of the ocean. It's farther from any other landmass than anything else in the world. This means that it's a stopping off point for lots of ocean critters. It also means that we have some of the most endemic critters only found here in the world with 30% of our fish species being only found here in Hawaii. The fact that the Big Island is just a massive volcano that is currently active means our coast is rocky and rough lava formations. This makes for some really great reef freediving opportunities. This means you will find caves, swim-throughs, caverns, arches and canyons of lava to freedive and play in. The steepness of the sides of our island home make for a great opportunity to access deep water easily. Swimming just a few hundred feet off of shore can get you over a hundred feet deep. The fact that the big island is mostly composed of fresh lava rock also means that the water quality is exceptionally good above and beyond anything you will find on the other islands in the Hawaiian Island chain. This means you can be floating on the surface of the sea and still see the bottom when the bottom is very deep. This makes for some pretty epic freediving scenarios. It also makes for a great environment for teaching freediving courses Hawaii.


Why would anyone want to take a freediving class? There are a number of reasons to learn to freedive in Hawaii and just to learn in general. If you're already comfortable swimming and being underwater a freediving class will simply give you a new tool for your toolbox that allows you to go deeper for longer and really get close to what a dolphin experiences on the daily. Learn to freedive if you are really comfortable underwater. Freediving will teach you all about your body and how to use it effectively to stay underwater and do it safely too! The safety aspect of freediving cannot be overlooked. Safe diving requires certain practices and 

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