-September 7, 2019-

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Battle Roiale


 Spearfishing competition

Join the your fellow spearos in our 3rd annual invasive species spearfishing tournament Joining forces with the Alex and Duke DeRego Foundation to host a tournament for the ages. Grab your guns and polespears and compete against your fellow spear fishermen for top prizes from our sponsors


Competition area will be the west side of the Big Island from Upolu point to South point, however, you cannot dive in any marine life conservation districts (MLCD), marine protected areas (MPA) or marine reserves. For more information please visit DLNR's Website HERE 

  1. Competitors must dive in pairs of 2 with one person at the surface while the other is underwater (one up one down)

  2. Dive float and diver down flag are mandatory. Please bring to check-in. Rentals Available

  3. Check in as a team and check out as team otherwise we will call the Coast Guard to find you.

  4. Only Roi, Taape and Toau are accepted

  5. You may utilize spearguns and pole spears for the competition (no free-shaft or powerheads allowed)

  6. Each diver must carry a dive knife

  7. The use of kayaks, or boats will NOT be allowed.

  8. Divers under the age of 18 (Youth) must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times

  9. No frozen or previously frozen fish will be accepted



Meet @ Kawaihae Harbor Pavilion

Check-in 6:30am

Weight-in 12:30pm

Wrap up 3:00pm 

*If you will be late please call Chris (808-987-8406) to let

us know; If you do not show up we will call the coast guard to send out a search party 


1st Place Most Fish Adults

1st Place Most Fish Youth
2nd Place Most Fish Adults

2nd Place Most Fish Youth

3rd Place Most Fish Adults

3rd Place Most Fish Youth

Largest Fish
Smallest Fish



Freediving Instructor Kona Freediver

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