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Spear Fishing Kona, Hawaii

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Some of the best spearfishing Hawaii has is in Kona. Kona Freedivers now specializes in all things spearfishing. We carry spearguns, floats, line, reels, all kinds of rubber, fins and camo wetsuits. One of the most sustainable ways to fish is spearfishing. It's also a great way to connect with the ocean.

Safety is Important to Us

Some spear fishermen have been doing it a while or they grew up as kids in the water and are pretty good at poking fish. But little do they know they could be in danger of experiencing a shallow water blackout. 😴 There are many cases of shallow water blackout in Hawaii each year. This is unfortunate because it could be easily prevented. Kona Freedivers specializes in teaching divers how to dive better and safer. Our level 1 Freediving course is designed to teach the amateur or the expert how to build the safety and the technique of world-class freedivers into their daily routine.

Spear fishing Kona is a great way to get exercise and feed the family all at the same time. With the stresses of daily life it can be worthwhile to get wet and de-stress with a little vitamin sea. But spearfishing can be dangerous if not done correctly. Kona Freedivers was founded in the hopes that the fundamentals and techniques learned over the years by the world's best freedivers can be applied to spear fishing. It's not worth risking your own life catching fish if you could just go to the grocery store and be safe, fish-in-hand.

Spearfishing is a specialized sport and way to hunt. It requires special tools and techniques. Kona Freedivers carries a full line of spearguns from brands like Mares, Beuchat, and Pathos. We also carry carbon blades from C4, Alchemy, and Leederfins. We do our best to outfit each diver with the best option that suits them. We measure custom wetsuits so you will get a perfect fit every time and a suit that you love to put on each time you go out.

Our experts will help you rig or re-rig your setup so you can effectively hunt and successfully catch your intended target. We carry a large selection of premium rubber in different sizes, colors, and id's. Sticky trigger? No problem! Our seasoned technicians are competent at handling any problem big or small. With years of experience servicing spearfishing equipment we'd love to help get you back out in the water. Spear fishing Kona should be fun. We try to set you up for success so you can enjoy the process.

Soon enough Kona Freedivers will begin teaching spearfishing courses. In these courses we will talk about and practice spearfishing techniques, which fish to harvest and why, and the finer points of spearfishing gear.

We carry a wide range of freediving wetsuits and fins. It's important when spear fishing Kona that you feel comfortable. That's why we carry such a wide range of wetsuits. We can also measure you for a custom wetsuit. This is a good option for most divers who don't fit the stock suits available which is most people. With a custom suit you can really get the fit and design to make you happy to put your suit on time after time. As for fins often times divers will choose fins that are too stiff for them without knowing any better. It's important to get fins that are appropriate for your body. This is something that will improve your diving and make your entire experience more enjoyable. Stop by the shop and we can help provide guidance on the correct fin for you and your intended use case.

In our freediving courses we often encounter spearos who have developed improper technique and need some correction to get them diving deeper. One of the more common issues is weighting. Many spearos will dive with too much weight. This makes their dive more difficult than it needs to be. Join one of our freediving classes and we can get you dialed for success. Another issue common among spear fishermen is the safety and specifically the lack of buddy awareness. In our course we will discuss why it's important to have a competent buddy who can help you be safe. Your safety is only as good as your buddy.

In the level 1 Freediver course we go over: safety, freediving technique, physiology, physics, proper breathing technique, gear, environmental factors, the history of freediving, the different styles of freediving and more . . .

It's fun to see divers accomplish things they previously thought impossible. It's also rewarding to have students break through barriers they have. Some divers who have been diving for years are just so appreciative for the information and skills they learned that they never knew they needed. Tho course can only get you so far though. The key is learning the information and then applying it. It takes repetition to make the new skills you've learned stick. So get out the and spear fish Kona!

Spearfishing Hawaii

Spear fishing Kona is especially good. We have a long coastline peppered with reef and easy access to deep water. Because our island home drops off so quickly, we have quick and easy access to greater depths. This means you may see large pelagic fish in shallow water. Occasionally people will see marlin or tuna in 15 feet of water! The variety of fish here is great and it pays to know which fish are best for a dinner plate and which ones to avoid. We would be happy to talk fish with you and recommend the gear necessary for the right type of game. When spear fishing Kona you can 3-prong in the shallows or in caves, reef fish in the depths or go for bigger game by boat. No matter what kind of spear fishing Kona offers you will be up for the task with the best tools and knowledge available at Kona Freedivers. We hope to see you in the shop! Call (808)464-6584 for directions.


About the Author

Byron Kay is a freediving instructor and the founder of Kona Freedivers and owner of Kona Honu Divers as well as Kona Snorkel Trips. They stand out as Hawaii's top rated and most reviewed businesses among their peers having a perfect 5 star rating on google. To learn more about Byron and his latest goings on visit his bio page.


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